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7 Reasons Why Yoga Teacher Training in India is the best

Yoga Teacher Training in India

It is the dream of every yoga enthusiast and yoga teacher aspirant to get their training in India. You do not even have to spell it out. Any yoga lover knows that India is the best place for yoga. People make it a point to get at least a part of their yoga teacher training in India. Writing India in your credentials automatically makes people regard you as an expert. If you are very new to yoga, you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. Don’t worry; that is exactly what this blog post is all about. Keep reading to know more.

Why Do You Find The Best Yoga Teacher Training In India

A little research will bring up tens of websites telling you what makes India the best place for your YTT. But we have made it easier and mentioned all the reasons right here.

Birthplace of Yoga

India is the place of origin of yoga. The ancient ascetics or yogis who lived deep in the jungles and high in the mountains founded yoga as a method of achieving moksha. At first, they lived a secluded life. But later, they started passing on their knowledge to their students or shishyas. That is how yoga spread to the rest of India and later, to the rest of the world. There is much honor in learning a discipline right at its source. This is what makes yoga teacher training in India so highly coveted and regarded in the global community.

Generational Teachers

Most of the reputed yoga schools for yoga teacher training in India are ashrams. The yogis who teach here often come from a line of yoga gurus. Or even better, many of them are the descendants of the original founders of yoga. That means they possess immense mastery over the practice of yoga. Moreover, they hold the authentic knowledge of yoga, undiluted and unchanged by translation. When you learn from other places, the yoga knowledge and practices will show the influences of the culture of that place. But when you learn in India, you receive authentic training and learn from the best.

World’s Best Schools

Needless to say, the schools for yoga teacher training in India are some of the best in the world. The quality of teaching is unmatched and the teachers are masters of their art. The education you get here is of international level. Moreover, most of the schools are RYSs, ie, they follow Yoga Alliance teacher training in India. Therefore, you can be sure that the yoga teacher training and certification you receive match the global standard. When you have the name of an Indian school on your CV, you have a greater chance of acceptance as a yoga teacher in any yoga school in the world.

Yogic Lifestyle

The yoga teaching style in India is slightly different from that in the rest of the world. Now that is not at all a bad thing; it is what makes yoga teacher training in India better. Most yoga teacher training courses in the world follow an academic style of teaching. But in India, you will find an immersive style of teaching. Instead of making yoga just a thing to learn, it is made an entire lifestyle. That means frugal living without any luxuries or distractions. The diet and daily routine are close to how it was in the early ashrams. This keeps you grounded and makes you achieve your goals faster.

Spiritual Environment

If you visit India, especially a yoga center, the first thing you will notice is the spiritual vibe there. People associate India with a high level of spirituality and religiousness. Yoga is a spiritual practice too. The natural spirituality of the environment makes it much easier for you to instantly dive into the yogic mentality. It naturally detaches you from all unnecessary worries pulling you back. As a result, it helps you look inside yourself and practice yoga in the most suitable state of mind.


Of all the countries in the world, yoga teacher training in India is the most affordable for the quality it provides. This is due to two reasons. The first is that the yoga schools in India do not have a commercial motive behind imparting education. They only charge the amount they need to run the school. Profiting off of the students is never on their minds. The second reason is that the living cost in India itself is very low. Therefore, even for the most luxurious accommodations, the prices will not be exorbitant.

Variety of Options

It goes without saying that since yoga originated in India, you would also find the greatest diversity here. This alludes to two things. The first is the style of yoga. You would find yoga teacher training in India for any style of yoga you want to learn. This could be a style born in India or somewhere else in the world. The second thing is the schools as well as the locations. There are a large number of yoga schools in India in a large number of places, each catering to different needs. You will never have a lack of options here.

Best School for Yoga Teacher Training in India

When looking for a school to receive yoga teacher training in India, always keep your personal needs at the forefront. And definitely give Trataka Yoga School a visit to see if we suit your requirements.

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