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Meditation Made Easy: Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

Meditation doesn’t always mean sitting at a particular place with your eyes shut; sometimes, it means walking. Here is what you need to know!

There are many ways to mindful meditation. If you feel that quietly sitting is challenging, try walking meditation, yoga is difficult for you, or you can not do yoga poses. You can supplement your yoga practice with walking meditation. Walking meditation will give you space in your head and a bit of physical fitness simultaneously.

Defining Walking Meditation

Ever thought of meditating while walking? Yes, it is possible. Meditation in motion is as highly effective as meditation while seated. Walking meditation is one such finest meditation that blends the physical experience of walking with the focused mindfulness of a meditative state.

It is said that when we walk, we should imagine that we print the peace, serenity, and happiness on the ground. The practice of walking meditation is to make you aware of the body and physical sensations as you move. It helps to be in the present with your eyes open and your mind and body in sync.

Practicing Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation may seem awkward, but it is as simple as doing your daily kinds of stuff. Here are a few steps to help you practice walking meditation effectively.

1. Choose The Route

Prepare your mind that it is not going to be a usual walk that you usually do for exercising but a walk that is entirely devoted to walking meditation. Choose the route where you do not have to worry too much about the traffic, and it helps you to focus on the task you have in hand. The best roads for walking meditation are biking/hiking trails where you do not have to worry about the traffic.

Set aside 20 minutes that will be entirely for walking meditation. Refrain from combining any activity with walking meditation, as the aim is to sink yourself completely into meditation without undivided attention.

2. Ditch The Smartphones

Smartphones are the biggest distraction when you try to meditate. Some people have the urge to check their phones in a few minutes. So try not to carry your smartphone when going for a walking meditation or if necessary, keep it on flight mode. Otherwise, a single notification is enough to distract you.

You are wrong, even if you feel that music will help you in walking meditation. Listening to music takes you to another world that hinders you from focusing on the present. So try your walks without the headphones and make the most of them.

3. Pay Attention

It’s time to walk; begin with slow to average pace walking. Pay attention to every sensation of your body. Be as mindful as you can by accompanying your sensations. See how stable the ground beneath you feels. And remember to take note of your thoughts and feelings at that moment. Once you start with a walk, your mind will wander but bring your attention back to breathing and walking. You need to redirect your attention to your feet and legs. The idea is gently walking in a circle or back and forth, simultaneously focusing on your breath.

You can always take a break and stretch or stop and check yourself.

4. Considering Speed And Posture

Observe every physical sensation that manifests as you walk. The pace of walking meditation must range from slow to extremely slow. You must not feel rigid during the walk, and things should not be mechanical. You must enjoy your walking meditation.

Let your hands swing in the air, keeping them loose. Your legs must be relaxed, and your body movements must be seen as natural and comfortable. Keep your body aligned and dignified, and walk in confidence. Initially, you may feel it is challenging, but eventually, you will love it.

5. Practice And Patience

The most crucial thing in any meditation is to be patient. Every new thing at the start is demanding and challenging, but once you get a hold of it, you will enjoy it. Do not let your mind wander here and there; just bring it back into the rhythm of your feet and breath.

It is entirely in your hands how you turn your walking meditation. Some people will say it is not meditation, but if it gives you peace and comfort, then it is a meditation that works wonders for you. So let people think it is not your business; your business is to focus on this meditation.

Benefits Of Walking Meditation

There is no argument when you say meditation brings you joy and happiness; truly practicing meditation will leave you in utter relaxation. Bring the benefits of meditation through walking meditation.

Cultivates Awareness

Walking meditation helps you to be present. It helps you to be present and become aware of the present situation creating a sync of your body with nature. It also improves your concentration and thus makes you more productive. Even if you get distracted between the walking meditation, you have to drive your attention back to your breath and the rhythm of the feet.

Promotes Better Sleep

Meditation, when done right, will curb your stress, anxiety, and depression. If you are troubled with having a night of better sleep, you must try walking meditation. This meditation removes stress, and you will feel light in the first session. Also, it will reduce the heart rate, decrease blood pressure, and increase the production of melatonin, a sleep hormone.

Brings Mental Clarity

We are so engrossed in our day-to-day lives that we hardly get any moment to reflect on our thoughts and pause our busy lives. Thus Walking meditation allows you to pause and feel yourself. It helps slow down your racing thoughts and gives you ample time to understand your mental and spiritual needs.

Mind-Body Coordination

While in this meditation, you tend to understand the sensations of your body. You feel how light and lose your body becomes and derive complete comfort. Your posture aligns with your slow pace walk, and you create good coordination with every part of your body. During meditation, you do not let any thought overpower your mind. You bring back the attention and focus on walking mindfully. 

Improves Mood

You will eventually feel the benefits when you spend a few days practicing walking meditation. The more effective your practice is, the more benefits you will derive from it. Walking meditation syncs your mind and body and helps you improve your mood. It sets you free from all the clutches of your life and makes you relaxed and contented. Once you get a hold of the practice of walking meditation, you will eventually grow productive.

Walking Meditation Is Simple

So now, when you know so much about walking meditation, begin with it! There is no good day to start walking meditation; you can start it now. It is an elementary form of meditation that does not need a yoga mat. What is needed is your willpower and willingness to perform walking meditation.

Indulge yourself in the genuine meditation practice and nurture yourself for happiness and awareness. Start practicing by keeping all the instructions in mind, and you will nail it.

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