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How Meditation Changes Your Life For Better

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There has been continuous research on the relationship between the brain and meditation. Every research showcase the importance of meditation for the efficient functioning of the brain. Meditation is one of the most convenient ways to improve your mental and physical wellness drastically. Practicing meditation will make your life at peace and will change your life for good.

My relationship with meditation is from ten years. And these ten years showed me the perfect way to live life. Transforming old habits and unhelpful patterns helped me bring clarity and focus in life.

Here I am to share how meditation changed my life for the better.

1. Less Reaction

Your way of reacting to things differs when you are not into meditation. But when I started to be fully devoted to mediation, it changed my life drastically. Now when I am into daily meditation, I have control over my feelings. I know when to react and how much to react.
I do not get triggered by the traffic; there is no sign of tension and cursing in fact, I take deep breaths and enjoy that moment too. My body decides to take a break right before whatever happens in the outside world. Thus, it helps me to know if I need to react to that situation or just be silent. Moreover, I control my feelings and reactions to outside happenings.

2. Confident

Now I am at ease with myself and with others too. My mind has learned enough to deal with difficult people and difficult situations. Continuous meditation taught me how to be in the present moment that brings the best for you. What I know is I am less worried, less anxious, and more in control.

One can’t live without worries, I have worries, but I recognize them early and set them with ease. I have developed a sense of confidence that helps me to calm my nervous system and helps me to grow.

3. Increased Consciousness

A single meditation session makes your muscles mindful that is full of consciousness. And when you meditate regularly, you get your focus and willpower exercised dozens of times. I learned that the more I develop the art of attention, the more willpower I have to deal with life issues.
Stronger attention and intention make many things easy in your life. One can now better deal with relationships, health, and career. There is less friction in everything you do, and you will feel light and sorted always.

4. Contentment

Feeling content is one of the major learning I got from meditation. Meditation makes you feel that real happiness and contentment lie within us and not from the outside world. The pleasures derived from the outside world are momentary, but the pleasure from meditation is never ending; it gives you endless joy and bliss.

And once you taste the nectar of meditation, there is no way of returning. You will get less attached to the outside world for seeking meditation. Research perfectly defines that the pleasure attained from meditation doesn’t get boring or give you diminishing returns. It is the same as always like you will be happy without reason. You will feel good in yourself at all times and at all places.

5. Wholeheartedness

Practising meditation makes your whole body sink. All the voices within you become well-coordinated and work in unison. There is no fighting and competing for power when you are into meditation practice.

You will always experience the chances of the fight, regret, and frustration within you when you lie between conflicting thoughts. I have understood from practising meditation that I still have problems and conflicts, but now they are solved quickly and profoundly. Once you learn to deal with it, you will learn to accept the decision wholeheartedly.

6. Control Of Mind

One of the major advantages of practising meditation is you get control over your mind. Once you learn the art of controlling your thoughts, major problems will be avoided. Because once you give way to certain thoughts, it takes your relief, and your mind hovers here and there.

When you are into meditation, you are no longer in control of emotions that you do not like. You just simply turn off the thoughts you want. There is no room for boredom, hatred, fear, worries, and anger; now, all that matters is internal peace and happiness.

7. Be with self

After continuous meditation, I am attached to myself, and I care about myself more now. There is no underlying tension or a feeling of fear; whatever emotion arises in my stays in me for as long as I want.

Now I just can’t be bothered to worry about what others are thinking, and I am at peace with my own thoughts. So if you are also tensed and bothered over what others will think, just practice meditation; it will take you to another level of satisfaction.

8. Mental Flexibility

The more I am into the ocean of meditation; the more flexible I become about the concepts, beliefs, and worldviews. Meditation will give you the strength to figure out what is right for you and what works well.

It helps you in your personal growth by bringing the feeling of love, contentment and compassion toward yourself. Also, it strengthens your mind to deal with the issues that are hampering your growth and taking your peace away. Meditation helps to absorb the thoughts that are good for you while eradicating the negative thoughts.

9. Power over emotion

Meditation gives you the power to generate any emotion or feeling in your mind without depending on any event or person. It is a fantastic power that depends on your ability to focus and imagine. It also makes you able to dissolve an emotion and arise back.

The power of deciding and feeding the emotion will help you to avoid negative thinking. It helps you ponder the things that make you happy and joyful. Thus you will imagine the things you love and be blissful and blissful.

10. Inner Freedom

Its been over ten years since I have been into meditation, and those ten years are the years that have given me a feeling of inner freedom. I am so thankful to my guru, who drew me to the path of meditation and awakened me to an experience that changed my life.

All thoughts and emotions are seen as a phenomenon inside my consciousness. I feel my thoughts are flying birds that leave no traces in my mind, and I am free. And hence I experience inner freedom.


Everyone’s meditation is different, and you will encounter things I would not have experienced. Meditation has the potential to bring more than this to you. Your journey will be uniquely yours, and you will embrace it. You are on the correct path as long as you derive benefits from it.

Meditation won’t come easily to you; it needs consistent practice and patience. Develop consistent practice and find the right technique for yourself. Gradually you will learn to master your mind and touch new heights in meditation.

Meditation is the only magic and miracle in the world.


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