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All You Need To Know About Kriya Yoga

kriya yoga

What Is Kriya Yoga?

It is a type of yoga meditation that helps accelerate a person’s spiritual growth. Kriya is all about internal actions thus, when we perform Kriya Yoga, we involve only interior elements of the body and do not require external components.

The traditional meaning of Kriya Yog indicates an action that gives freedom to its doer. Kriya Yoga became popular when Paramahansa Yogananda mentioned it in his autobiography. Since then, Kriya yoga has been considered one of the effective ways to connect with the divine. To perform Kriya, one needs to have complete control over his energy. And Pranayama is regarded as the most popular way to control powers. Other practices like ethical living can lead to Kriya yoga.

Kriya yoga is directly related to the growth of spiritual energy that lies deep within the spine. When performing kriya yoga, you power up and down from the spine with a high consciousness. Thirty seconds of doing Kriya Yoga is equivalent to a year of organic spiritual practice without interruption.  

Origin Of Kriya Yoga

Kriya yoga was lost in the dark ages and came again into existence in modern times by Mahavatar Babaji, whose disciple Lahiri Mahasaya was the first to teach it properly. Then the training was passed on to Paramahansa Yogananda, and he was then sent to the West to this soulful technique to the world.

Paramahansa Yogananda established a self-realization fellowship in 1920 to make people aware of Kriya Yog. If you want to seek sincere Kriya Yog, then Paramahansa has set up a particular spiritual organization where you can seek guidance. 

How To Do Kriya Yoga?

Considering Kriya yoga as child’s play is wrong. One needs to learn the proper technique to perform it. Initially, you need a certified instructor to teach you the best Kriya yoga techniques. Here is a process of how you can do Kriya yoga:

  • Sit in a comfortable position, and remember that your knees are below your pelvis.
  • Place your hands in a comfortable position. It is always good to keep your arms in a lotus position with the finger intertwined and thumbs slightly touching each other.
  • Sit straight, making sure that your spine is in a straight line. Stay relaxed and let the relaxation reach your mind and body.
  • Now you either close your eyes or choose a spot where you can focus.
  • It is the time to spend your next five minutes in the same position and let the comfort and relaxed mood reach your mind and body.
  • Now time to relax your muscles and group them one by one. Bring yourself at ease and peace. It is the time when many thoughts will be rushing through your mind but be adamant and stay focused.
  • Continue the Kriya for 20 minutes and become comfortable. You can always increase the timings according to your convenience.

When you are into Kriya yog, you will go beyond your senses, emotions, and body. It will help to balance out the chakras, and you will feel immense relaxation and calmness. The above instructions are for beginners. 

Benefits Of Kriya Yoga

1. Eradicate Bad Mental Habits

Every habit or action we do in our lives creates a specific pathway in our brains. These patterns or pathways sometimes make you behave in a certain way that you do not wish. And then sometimes we feel that we are puppets of our practices.

Meditation can change our destructive habit patterns and replace them with good ones. Here, you can completely neutralize the bad habits and replace them with good ones. While meditating, just consider yourself a child of God, not a man or woman. Pray to god and say, ‘I command my brain cells to change and that you would love to destroy the grooves of bad habits that make you a puppet.

The intense meditation will make you feel the light of God helping you to change.

2. Get True Experience Of Religion

When you are into Kriya Yog, you will experience the meaning of true religion. Religion is not about following a particular path; in fact, it is about you and god only; there is no interference from the world. Kriya yoga opens your spiritual eye and makes you realize the connection between you and god. God is always merciful to those who come to them with their willing hearts.

It is perfect to say that god is willing to give us everything, and we are not ready to make an effort to be receptive.

3. Establish Connectivity With God

When one practices the Kriya Yoga intensely, even for a little while, one will find that the force of prayer is doubled, trebled, and increased hundreds of times. If one enters the inner temple of silence and worships before the altar of god with prayer, then one is bound to feel the presence of god.

The perfect time to pry to god is when the consciousness is withdrawn from the sensory surface of the body and surroundings and is centralized in the cerebrospinal shrines of soul perception. Kriya yog is the highest form of developing a connection with god that will give you peace and bliss.

The joy that comes from Kriya yoga is greater than the joy that comes from physical sensations.

4. Cleansing Chakras

Infuse yourself with new energy by working on chakra cleansing. To derive the physical and mental benefits of Kriya Yoga, one must be fully devoted to cleaning the chakras.

Practicing Kriya yog helps in the awakening of Kundalini energy that is at the base of the spine. It removes all the tiredness and fatigue, and you are pumped up with new energy. Cleaning chakras will drive your body to enormous benefits, improve your energy levels, and improve blood flow throughout the body.

Cleansing chakras will help you to bring more strength physically and mentally. Also, it will help you to stay away from negativity and finally aid to complete transformation.

5. Improving Concentration

Kriya Yoga involves focusing on a particular spot or thought for a long time. This activity tremendously improves concentration power, and you become better at day-to-day chores.

Humans get easily distracted, but when one practices regular Kriya yog, it tends to bring control over the mind.  When we do the breathing techniques of inhalation and exhalation, it combines with the good chemicals in our body and thus promotes better concentration and memory.

Kriya Yog promotes better blood circulation, and also the meditation technique of Kriya Yoga has the power to detoxify, rejuvenate, and elevate one’s mind, body, and soul.

Wrapping Up

Learning Kriya yoga effectively is about finding a perfect instructor to guide you through thick and thin. Otherwise, one will not be able to reap the benefits from it. Kriya Yoga has the power to transform lives if one practices it religiously.

Kriya yoga will bring inner peace and happiness no one can take from you. It will illuminate your mind with wisdom and connect you to your godhead.

And now, when you know the hidden secret of Kriya yoga. Let your inner self shine with Kriya yoga. And attain what is attainable by the mortal world.


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